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Why Hypnosis?

In 1956, the Russian team was joined by 11 hypnotherapists for the Melbourne Olympic Games. The Russians won 24 medals more than their nearest rival. Since then, for some unknown reason, hypnosis as a way to improve yourself dramatically in a short time had been underestimated for a long time. This has changed during recent times and hypnosis is currently widely used, from medical and psychological applications to sports and career enhancement, and much more. Of course, hypnosis will never let you excel above your potential, but very few people ever achieve their true potential, which is a noble ideal nevertheless, and worth striving for.

Will I not stay in a state of hypnosis?

Impossible, the worst that can happen is that you will fall asleep and then wake up rested and refreshed.

Will I not do silly things like crowing like a rooster?

Only if you are in the hands of a stage hypnotist who wants to use you as part of his/her entertaining show. In HypnoPlanet’s sessions, you will always be in full control of your thoughts and actions.

What if I do not want to be hypnotized?

For hypnosis to be effective you need to give your full cooperation. Nobody can be hypnotized against his or her will.

Is it not it against my religion?

No, on the contrary, to improve yourself in order to become the best YOU that you can be, to be the person the creator intended you to be, certainly forms part of every worthy religion’s doctrine. What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation where it becomes possible to concentrate so deeply that the conscious, analytical, critical brain is turned off to enable you to be receptive to positive suggestions given by the hypnotherapist. Since it is still your own potential that is utilized, your own inner resources that are explored, all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. The voice of the hypnotist is only a guide that leads you to your subconscious. And your subconscious can help you regain your self-confidence, lose excess weight, overcome any bad habit, improve your concentration and memory, deal with stress effectively, increase willpower, become more successful, and many more. All this in a safe way with no side effects! Visit www.hypnoplanet.com for more info.

Lose weight

You can lose weight with hypnosis! Hypnosis is well known as an aid to achieve weight loss. The disadvantages of being overweight are as commonly known and well documented as the benefits of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Numerous scientific studies have proved beyond any doubt that hypnosis is an excellent method to lose weight. According to the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology a research group that was treated with hypnosis, lost an average of 8 kg of weight, while the control group (without hypnosis, but on the same diet) gained weight! And even if you are skeptical, you have nothing to lose (except a few pounds!). As this hypnosis session works at the deepest level of your subconscious, the chances are excellent that all positive changes will be permanent. This high quality hypnosis download for weight loss is the first step to a new (better) you! Become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Visit HypnoPlanet for more info.

Improve your memory and concentration

There is a widely spread myth that a person’s memory and ability to concentrate decrease as we age. Studies have shown this to be false. These brain functions may very well develop throughout one’s lifetime, and can improve significantly by means of hypnosis. You can learn faster, perform better in sport and in the work environment through improved concentration and focus, and generally be more creative and effective. It may even be easier to remember names and faces. Your capacity for learning is almost limitless. Don’t be satisfied with less than the best you are capable of. This downloadable hypnosis session is just the tool you need to reach your full potential – which exceeds even your own wildest expectations, guaranteed. Hypnosis works on that level where our higher brain functions are located, and it is highly likely that this session will bring about positive results – probably more than you could ever imagine! Retrain your brain right now! Visit HypnoPlanet for more info.

Overcome performance anxiety

Struggling with performance anxiety? You are not alone. Whether you are a salesperson trying to close a deal, a musician performing a new music piece, an actress performing on stage, the chairperson of a meeting, a lawyer in the courtroom, a sportsperson in pursuit of victory, etc, anxiety is your biggest enemy – and yes, performance anxiety in the bedroom may even rob you of satisfying intimacy in a way that could do serious damage to your romantic relationship. Are you dreaming of a mind free of all fearful or critical voices, wishing you could focus on the task at hand instead of your nerves? Hypnosis offers you a powerful means of clearing out the subconscious beliefs that may have repeatedly caused anxiety every time you attempted a stage performance, sexual encounter, or the like. Allow yourself to reconnect with your highest potential. This high quality hypnosis recording is exactly what you need to overcome all unnecessary anxieties when required to perform. Visit HypnoPlanet for more info.

Beat insomnia

You know the feeling – another night of tossing and turning, fearing that drained feeling in the morning, trying so hard to fall asleep, to no avail. Sleeping badly can leave you continually exhausted and make you feel emotionally unstable and anxious at times. It’s just so difficult to function normally with a lack of sleep and it ultimately negatively affects your mental and physical health. The devastating effects of sleep deprivation are well documented. You need sleep. You deserve sleep. You have to have deep, restful, peaceful, sound sleep every night, throughout the night. The general health of your body and mind depends on it. Hypnosis can help restore a healthy sleep pattern. It has been proven over and over again that hypnosis is one of the most effective and natural methods to help people sleep. Don’t suffer any longer. Beat insomnia once and for all with this high quality hypnosis download. Visit HypnoPlanet.com for more info.

Become highly successful

You have probably asked yourself: What can I do to become successful? No-one becomes successful by accident, it takes a certain frame of mind and hard work – whether you want to finally get that start-up off the ground, open your own gallery, become a top earner, excel in your chosen sport or at being a parent, or any other dream or endeavor. The main building blocks of success are vision (creativeness, inspiration, generating ideas), planning (time management, goal-setting, prioritizing), taking action (stop procrastinating and execute your plan with focus, willpower and self-discipline), social skills (networking, building good connections that grow into great relationships), self-confidence (accept yourself and then be yourself, always), optimism (stay positive, take control of your destiny) and perseverance (be prepared to work hard, not giving up when the going gets tough). It is good to know all of this, but you need to start living it. This hypnosis MP3 is what you need to ingrain these elements into your subconscious mind so they become second nature and your dreams can finally come true. Visit HypnoPlanet.com for more info.

Improve your self-confidence

Everyone knows that all top sportsmen and women, as well as truly successful people in any field, have at least one thing in common: Unwavering self-confidence. Self-confidence, however, is never inborn. It is the result of multiple other factors, including regular hypnosis sessions. Although hypnosis may not necessarily guarantee you a gold medal at the next Olympic Games, it will boost your self-esteem and confidence, and allow you to receive the best that life has to offer. This recorded hypnosis session is specially designed to improve your self-confidence and most people will experience a difference after only a few sessions. Use it in preparation for that all-important job interview or upcoming first date, in the negotiation of a new business deal, or in the execution of any other action-plan. Grow an attitude of If anyone can, I can. Do it now. Download this hypnosis sound recording and give yourself the unfair advantage! Visit HypnoPlanet for more info.

Think outside the box

Albert Einstein famously said: Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere! The ability to think outside the box is an extremely valuable skill. This could prove to be pivotal in business, romance, art, and almost any other life endeavor you can imagine. Don’t let new prospects or alternative options remain uncovered because you were looking in all the wrong places – or not looking at all. See beyond the obvious. Connect seemingly unrelated dots. Become a visionary, spotting trends before others do. As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll amaze yourself with just how many new ideas and ways of doing things you find yourself coming up with on a regular basis. You’ll notice that you become much more sensitive to possible correlations between seemingly unconnected phenomena and find many ways to make use of these new interconnections. This hypnosis session can help your subconscious mind to come up with those sorts of ideas, solutions and innovations that it is so brilliantly good at. Circle that square! Visit HypnoPlanet for more info.

Beat the exam nerves

You know the feeling. You studied so hard for an exam, only to walk into the exam room and your mind goes blank, anxiety gets the better of you and you just can’t seem to remember anything you’ve learnt. Excessive nerves wreak havoc with your ability to give a proper and fair account of what you have studied. Your memory and concentration are seriously compromised by your frame of mind but with hypnosis you will most certainly be able to conquer exam anxiety and excel in the face of the challenge. You may even start to look forward to the exam! You have done your bit studying the work in preparation for the assessment. You need to do yourself a favor now and also prepare for the challenge mentally. Don’t be satisfied with less credit than you have earned with hard work. This downloadable hypnosis session is the optimum tool to put you in the right frame of mind and to keep you in control. Achieve the results you know you are capable of and don’t let exam anxiety get the better of you again. Visit HypnoPlanet.com for more info.

Improve your public speaking skills

The most common fear that people have is the fear of public speaking. Yes, it is true, adults fear public speaking more than they fear death! In an episode in season 4 of the TV-classic Seinfeld, as part of his nightclub standup comedy routine, Jerry pointed out the irony that most people would rather die than speak in public: It means when the average person goes to a funeral, they’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy. Whether it’s standing up in-front of a crowd to make an important presentation, wedding or best man speech, or just introducing yourself to a group of people, those with a fear of public speaking know how grueling the experience can be and will do whatever it takes to avoid having to do it. It is not uncommon for someone with public speaking issues to avoid situations that may call for them to make a speech in public, at all costs, which means that they miss out on a lot of experiences. But it does not have to be that way. One can triumph over this fear with hypnosis. This self-hypnosis MP3 download will release the public speaker in you. Visit HypnoPlanet.com for more info.

Become a positive person

The power of positive thinking is truly remarkable. Winston Churchill famously said: The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. Think positively and you will attract positive things to you. Yes, it is that simple. Healthy, successful and happy people are never negative about their lives and their future. It is no secret – what you think, you become. The mind is everything, and you can, by altering your thinking, create an entirely different world than the one you live in today. In this way developing a positive attitude can truly change your entire life. It is, however, not easy to break the negative thinking habit, as this has usually been wired into the subconscious mind. The good news is: Positive thinking can be learnt. By reprogramming your subconscious mind, your inner powers will start working for you. This relaxing yet powerful hypnosis audio session will help you reprogram your subconscious mind to eliminate negative thoughts and train your brain to become positive. Visit HypnoPlanet for more info.

Conquer writer’s block

If you are a writer, you probably know that dreadful feeling when you sit in front of your computer, waiting for the ideas and the words to come to you, and, well… nothing. And the harder you try, the less success you seem to have. Visit HypnoPlanet Put the joy back in writing. Experience the thrill when creative juices begin to flow. Hypnosis is a natural way to conquer writer’s block by simply using the power of your own hidden resources. This audio download is exactly what you need. Creative ideas may come to you soon, they will search for you, they will seek you out, they will report to you for duty even when you are not thinking about writing. Visit HypnoPlanet for more info.

Excel in sport

Stay focused, keep your eye on the ball, believe in yourself, don’t hold back, etc… These are all pieces of advice that you have heard while trying to improve your ability to play your chosen sport – whether you play a team sport like football, soccer, baseball, basketball or rugby, or participate in an individual sport such as tennis, golf, bowling, swimming or running. No matter at what level you compete – socially, seriously or professionally- it is possible to increase your sporting skills with hypnosis and excel in the sport of your choice. We have used the very latest sports psychology and hypnosis techniques (the same used by Wimbledon, World Cup, Super Bowl, Olympic Games and Golf Major champions) to assist you in achieving your quest for self-improvement. Professional athletes pay thousands for such mental reprogramming that is available right here for your personal gain. Unleash your potential. That is exactly the reason we designed this high quality hypnosis download. Program your mind for performance excellence at a deep, subconscious level. Exceed your own expectations. Visit HypnoPlanet.com for more info.

Improve your golf

Suffering from a terrible slice, inconsistent chipping or the yips when putting? It is no secret that being a good golfer is dependent on how one mentally approaches the game. Golf is all about self-confidence and visualization. Undue focus on hazards, swing thoughts and putting anxiety wreaks havoc with your score. Just imagine finally getting rid of the yips with hypnosis – or even your dreadful slice! This session is designed to enhance your mindset to play better golf. It is suitable for all golfers, no matter what handicap or level you play at. We have combined the latest golf psychology and our hypnosis skills to assist you in your golfing self-development. Professional golfers often pay a fortune for the mental reprogramming that is available for small change right here. Play at your full potential. That is exactly the reason why we created this high quality golf hypnosis download. Program your mind for golf excellence at a deep, subconscious level. Do it now! Visit HypnoPlanet.com for more info.

Stop smoking

There is no need to be reminded of the detrimental effects of smoking on one’s health. Suffice to say, there is hardly any bigger favor you can do for your own health and body than to quit the smoking habit once and for all. You owe it to yourself and your loved-ones. The biggest scientific study on smoke cessation ever undertaken, found that hypnosis was without a shadow of a doubt the most effective way to quit smoking. In his extensive and authoritative study, published in the New Scientist, Frank Schmidt of the University of Iowa focused on the 15 best ways to quit smoking. A giant total of 71,806 smokers were included in the research project. You may have tried one or more of the myriad of other methods, without success. The time has probably come to bid smoking a final farewell through hypnosis. We have a hypnosis download that can help you! Become a non-smoker now! Visit HypnoPlanet.com for more info.

Stop feeling so down

You are not clinically depressed, you just feel gutted. You can’t get out of bed. Nothing brings you joy anymore. Life has lost its fun. You are unhappy and don’t really know why. You feel sad for no real reason. Maybe you experience a lack of energy, feelings of worthlessness and lethargy – and it may all be in the mind. Have you lost interest in those things that brought you joy before? Maybe you suffer from burn-out? Hypnosis is a set of techniques designed to access the subconscious mind in order to enhance concentration, and minimize one’s usual distractions. This will result in heightened responsiveness to suggestions to alter one’s thoughts, feelings, behavior, or physiological state. Let’s reprogram your mind starting with this downloadable session. Communication with the subconscious mind can feel like a warm blanket on a cold night. It will be of great help to stop feeling so down. Your hypnosis MP3 is waiting. Visit www.hypnoplanet.com now.

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