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How come the particles of nature are immortal?

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Our universe is experiencing forward time space, we count the hours 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. We are mortal. We are born young and die old, and never become young again. That’s our life. We are formed by electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms and molecules, universal particles with mass and electric charge. Do you know what electrons are? I will also never know what is in it. Through very long experiences and thoughts, I have suspected that the existence of the universal particles is the result of the vibrations or oscillations of the process of existence. An example of the process is like this, young particles become old in forward spacetime then old particles become young in backward spacetime. Because the oscillations of the two processes occur in one container, the particles become immortal.

The process of immortality. Say + T is the process time period from young to old in forward time space and -T is the process time period from old to young in backward time space, so the oscillations of the two processes in human’s forward spacetime will be like this:

<+T><-T><+T><-T><+T> <-T> <+T><-T><+T><-T><+T> <-T>

The total period is ZERO, never born and never die.

It is estimated that the Big Bang event is an event of the breaking up of nothingness into space and time, namely into two existence processes that oscillate in different space-time, forward spacetime and reverse spacetime.

Through this discussion you may be able to guess what is called mass and electric charge and be able to develop further thoughts about our universe.

I hope that someday a genius can prove the existence of reverse spacetime in particle matter.

 Hopefully this brief discussion will be of use in the future, if this thought is wrong then forget it.

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